Friday, December 4, 2009

A box of books

A box of forty books--The Duke of Morrison Street--arrived at the office yesterday. The box was heavy. I sent off a copy to the Library of Congress and one to Margo, the person to whom it is dedicated. Now I am at a loss as to what to do. I planned putting a "buy me" button on the Salish Ponds web page, but am considering leaving sales up to Amazon. Do I want the small extra profit per copy that I could make by mailing copies from my garage? I can't decide. Having my own little distribution center--assuming anyone wants to buy the thing--has it charms. On the other hand I have to sell a whole lot of copies to make what I can make in a couple of hours of practicing law.

I sent in Malady Manor for a final proof, so whatever decisions I make with The Duke of Morrison Street will have to apply to the second book as well. I am probably getting ahead of myself, considering that no one except my mother has offered to buy even a single copy of either one, but thinking about these things keeps me out of the bars.

What seems more important is getting out and selling the book. I will not be good at that. Selling the book is selling myself, and I am at heart, shy. You might not think so, having this blog and the web site and all that, but I do all that sitting alone at home or in my office.

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