Sunday, November 15, 2009

Salish Ponds Press is Born

Today I sent off to CreateSpace the final corrections on The Duke of Morrison Street. I expect tomorrow I will order the last proof. I sent the Kindle version to my Kindle and it looked okay so I uploaded it to Amazon. All I need to do is hit the publish button, and the Kindle version of the book will be for sale. Today, I fussed with the Salish Ponds web page, getting it ready to upload. Tomorrow, I will hook Paypal to the Salish Ponds checking account so that I can make online sales and keep the books separate from my personal Paypal transactions.

At times like this I have a hard time deciding what it is I am doing. Is this a hobby . . . an obsession . . . a business? Is it tilting at windmills?

It seems to me that I didn't try very hard to sell The Duke of Morrison Street to a publisher, and I wonder why that was. I have never wanted to be a publisher, or for that matter a business person of any kind. Yet, I pay my mortgage with my law practice, which is a business, and I am now the owner, operator, and sole employee of Salish Ponds Press, which is something. I guess it's a case of "if there is a road in front of you, take it." That's the problem with free will. You get what you pay for.

I will attempt to document the history of Salish Ponds Press here, but I can't guarantee much. I started a blog once before, and like most bloggers, couldn't keep it up.

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